Metalwerx Fabrication & Manufacturing

We are experienced professionals who understand strict deadlines and are true partners who care about your success. Our team provides a consultative approach on emerging technology.


We can manufacture one piece, or hundreds of parts.

The process of bending sheet metal on a hydraulic bending machine. Metalworking plant.

Forming Metal

Our metal forming capabilities extended across a range of applications. Our press brake machinery is able to bend a variety of materials and sizes accurately to meet customer specifications.  



Welding is a common process in metal fabrication and Metalwerx has the welding capabilities to meet almost any requirements our customers may need. Certified welding engineers and a dedicated training program ensures that our experienced team of welders are able to weld to specification on every part.


Laser Cutting

Some common uses for a Co2 laser include cutting and engraving custom designs, cutting out intricate shapes, patterns and engraving logos, graphics, and other information on a wide range of materials. 

Woman architect working in modern cad program overtime sitting at desk in start-up business office. Industrial employee studying prototype idea on computer showing cad software on device display


Whether you need to test the form, fit, and function of a new component or reverse engineering is required, Metalwerx will be a reliable partner committed to achieving our customers’ goals.